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    Stem Cell therapy can help your pet enjoy exercise and reduce the need for painkilling medication

The Leadon Vale Stem Cell Centre near Tewkesbury offers a high level of treatment tailored to your pet's individual needs.

Leadon Vale Stem Cell Centre has been serving the community for over 60 years, consistently providing patients with the best possible, effective and compassionate care.

Our highly qualified team offers professional services and regenerative medicine to help and support you in keeping your pet healthy. We pride ourselves on having state-of-the-art equipment that all staff are fully qualified and undergo regular training to maintain this. Comfort is paramount for both your pet and you.

Our friendly team offers a wide range of experience and expertise, are always professional and understands your needs. Our staff provide a range of primary care veterinary services, regenerative medicine and services aimed at keeping pets healthy and promoting preventive health care.


To book your pets into our specialist practice in Tewkesbury, Please call 01531 632276 or fill out a contact form.


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The Leadon Vale Stem Cell Centre offers an amazing range of services while providing you and your pet with excellent care.

Our fantastic services cover a variety of needs, including pet massage, pet laser therapy and more!


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Stem Cell Vets in Ledbury, by Tewkesbury 

At Leadon Vale Stem Cell Centre we understand that your pet is the most important thing to you. That's why we want your pet insurance to cover the regenerative medicine we offer at our specialised stem cell centre. 

Many pet insurance policies cover our regenerative medicine, but it is important to carefully review your policy or contact your insurance company directly before making a claim with us to make sure it is covered. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will happily assist you. 

Why visit Tewkesbury?

This homely town is full of fantastic schools and vibrant events that see many visitors each year. If you are wanting a nice riverside stroll, Tewkesbury is right beside the River Severn so is bursting with beautiful scenery and little cafes. 

Back in William Shakespeare's day, Tewkesbury was reputedly famous for its Mustard. Today, many people come into the town for angling and boating on the slow-flowing River Avon.


Why Choose Leadon Vale Stem Cell Centre?

• Outstanding quality care from a team you can trust
• Referrals accepted
• 24-hour emergencies number 01531 632276
• We’ll remind you when your next treatment is due
• Convenient online appointment booking
• Cat-friendly clinic


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The staff at the Leadon Vale Stem Cell Centre look forward to meeting you and your pet. Introducing to you a friendly, community-based specialised veterinary centre. For assistance or to schedule an appointment with us, please complete our online contact form. New customers may take longer than usual, but we will do our best to respond. Our appointments are at your disposal. Our goal is to work with both you and your pet to find a time that works for everyone.

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Should you have any questions about our services or need some advice on your pet, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01531 632276.


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24 Hour Emergency: 01531 632276