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    Stem Cell therapy can help your pet enjoy exercise and reduce the need for painkilling medication

Cat Chiropractor: Pain Relief for Your Cat

Worried your cat might be in pain? Notice them jumping less, having trouble grooming, or showing unusual behaviours? You're not alone. Cats are masters of hiding discomfort, but subtle changes in their activity and mood can indicate underlying issues. We are veterinary professionals dedicated to providing gentle, non-invasive chiropractic care for cats of all ages and breeds.

What is Cat Chiropractic?

We use gentle manual adjustments to address misalignments in the spine and joints, which can cause pain, inflammation, and mobility issues. A cat chiropractor will aim to improve nerve function, circulation, and mobility and address issues like stiffness, pain, difficulty jumping, and behavioural changes.

Signs Your Cat may benefit from Chiropractic Care:

  • Hesitation or difficulty jumping, climbing stairs, or getting onto furniture.
  • Reluctance to use the litter box, leading to accidents outside it.
  • Stiffness or awkward gait when walking or running.
  • Shortened strides or hopping on one leg.
  • Excessive grooming in specific areas, potentially licking or biting at themselves.
  • Reluctance to be petted or touched, especially along the back or spine.
  • Flinching or vocalising when picked up or held in certain positions.
  • Changes in posture, like hunching or arching their back.
  • Hiding or seeking isolation more than usual.
  • Changes in appetite or sleep patterns.

The Benefits of a Cat Chiropractor

Discuss your cat's specific symptoms and medical history with your vet. They will assess whether chiropractic care is a relevant option and advise on potential risks and benefits. Here are a few benefits that chiropractic care can offer:

Improved mobility and flexibility: This could help older cats or those with arthritis move more easily and comfortably.

Reduced pain and inflammation: Chiropractic can alleviate discomfort caused by misalignments or injuries.

Enhanced circulation and nerve function: A pet chiropractor could theoretically improve overall health and function.

Better digestion and elimination: There's limited evidence for this, but it's possible adjustments could influence the nervous system's impact on these processes.

Increased energy levels and playful behaviour: If pain or discomfort were limiting your cat's activity, resolving those issues could lead to more energy and playfulness.

Happy cat from receiving pet chriopractic service at Leadon Vale

What to Expect at Your Cat Chiropractor Appointment

Your cat's first cat chiropractor appointment will involve a thorough physical examination and discussion of their medical history. Based on that information, we will determine if chiropractic care is right for them. If so, we'll perform gentle adjustments tailored to their specific needs, all within a calm and cat-friendly environment.

Leadon Vale are silver cat-friendly clinic accredited. We make sure your cat is as comfortable as possible at their appointment and we invest in the best equipment and approaches to cat care and handling.

Chiropractic alongside other regenerative Medicines

Regenerative medicine encompasses various therapies aimed at promoting healing and tissue repair, chiropractic works well as an additional method as well as a solo therapy. Have you considered laser therapy? Also working to reduce inflammation and improve fast healing. Platelet-rich plasma is another therapy Leadon Vale Centre offers.

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Speak to a veterinary specialist today about the best regenerative approach for your cat. Upon an initial consultation, you will discuss your cat’s medical history, habits and methods of medical solutions moving forward.

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