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    Stem Cell therapy can help your pet enjoy exercise and reduce the need for painkilling medication

Our Specialist Services

Our specialist services are directed towards pets that suffer from a variety of conditions, diseases and injuries. With a referral, your pet can be treated to improve their quality of life, and many of our regenerative services can be used in conjunction with one another. Look no further than Leadon Vale Stem Cell Vets for a ‘veterinary specialist near me’.

Pet Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy aims to enable pets to enjoy exercise and reduce the need for medication. It’s more commonly used for degenerative joint disease, tendon or bone injuries and arthritis. For more information on stem cell therapy, see here

Platelet Rich Plasma

Pet platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains a high concentration of platelets, which facilitate tissue repair and healing. It can improve cartilage health and stop the cartilage damage caused by osteoarthritis. It’s a procedure that’s carried out under sedation, for more information on the process, read here.

Sport Medicine

Active dogs benefit from regular health checks to address injuries or increase performance. With advice on exercises for your dogs and ways to prevent chronic, a ‘veterinary specialist near me’ will put your pet on the right course of treatment.


When a patient exhibits indicators of limited movement, a chiropractor will examine, locate, and adjust the spinal and limb joints in question. Techniques for gentle, precise manipulation aid in regaining natural bodily mobility. Treatment seeks to improve your pet's mobility and freedom of movement.

Laser Therapy

A non-invasive, pain-free treatment aims to relieve your pet from discomfort and improve their healing journey. Laser therapy speeds up healing processes of acute or chronic conditions and injuries. As a ‘Veterinary Specialist near me’

Chronic Pain Management

Whether you have a senior pet, or your pet’s recovering from an injury, our specialist vets will assess your pet to find the best treatment for them. Our services aim to manage their pain long-term which is a benefit of our treatments, unlike medication for pain relief, our services work to find better lasting results.


Massage is used to relieve general aches and pains that have accumulated over time and to help injured or traumatised tissues regain function. It can improve joint mobility and clear toxins present in the body with lymph drainage.


The procedure of acupuncture involves placing firm, tiny needles into the body to relieve pain. It functions by inhibiting pain signals sent to the brain and central nervous system and promoting increased production of the body's endogenous painkillers. A veterinary specialist near me can use this therapy in conjunction with other therapies, but alone it can have positive results and improve your pet’s happiness.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy includes delivering shockwaves to a particular area of your pet's body where discomfort is present. High-intensity sound waves interact with the pet's bodily tissues to promote blood vessels and lessen chronic inflammation.


Ultrasound stimulates tissue repair by emitting low-frequency sound waves. It may be used to break down adhesions and scar tissues as well as to heat up deep tissues. A veterinary specialist near me can benefit your pet on their healing journey and treat the cause of the issue.


Physiotherapy can be used as a rehabilitation process after surgery and alongside other specialist treatments, can stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Physiotherapy treats a range of injuries and diseases, reducing the pain and immobility of your pet so they can get back to exercising again.


Why Choose Leadon Vale Stem Cell?

The team here at Leadon Vale Regenerative Medicine are dedicated to your pets and compassionate with everyone we see. Our treatments aim to restore their happy, healthy selves and produce long-term effects. We deliver a personal service to you and your pets, seeing to their health concerns, and finding the best route for their healing journey.

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