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    Stem Cell therapy can help your pet enjoy exercise and reduce the need for painkilling medication

Help Heal your Pet with Platelet Rich Plasma

Pet platelet rich plasma (PRP) contains a high concentration of platelets, which facilitate tissue repair and healing.

This can be beneficial to cartilage health and reverse the cartilage breakdown seen with osteoarthritis. Platelets have been shown to recruit and activate stem cells, and PRP is increasingly being used in combination with stem cell therapy to augment the effects.

In veterinary medicine, PRP has been used for a wide range of indications including acute and chronic soft tissue injuries, osteoarthritis and even certain spinal conditions. Because PRP is obtained from the patient’s own blood there is minimal risk, and the positive effects of treatment can last for up to a year. In addition to these benefits, PRP is relatively inexpensive and can be done at patient-side in less than 30 minutes.

Platelet Rich Plasma - The process:

  • Confirmation of affected joints or diagnosis of soft tissue injury is required usually by clinical examination, x rays of joints or ultrasound of soft tissues.
  • The procedure is performed under sedation.
  • 10 mls of blood collected from jugular vein under sterile conditions. This treats around 3 joints. More blood can be taken if more areas need to be treated.
  • The Platelet rich plasma is prepared in our own laboratory ready for use.
  • When it is ready it is Injected into affected joints after aspiration of joint fluid
  • Ultrasound-guided injection is used to inject directly into the site of a soft tissue injury.


  • Performed in house at Leadon Vale
  • Day procedure carried out under sedation
  • Low risk of side effects.
  • Speeds healing and, combined with support from our rehabilitation team, enables a faster return to exercise.

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